Turning the Page: Getting Teenage Boys Excited About Literature

Most small children love to hear stories. Then when they can read themselves, they voraciously devour any reading material set in front of them. But then a shift occurs somewhere around the tween years when it comes to the male gender. Research shows that boys become disinterested in reading and without working on the problem, it could hamper his success in the future.

If you have a tween or teenage boy who you need to force to sit down to read a book, here are some ways to engage him with reading in a relatable way.

1. Make it active. 

For the most part, teenage boys are more in tune with the interactive and competitive components of lessons. Forcing boys to sit and take notes on something or to read quietly for an hour doesn’t bode well with them. Instead, think of a more creative approach. This can include turning lessons into games and creative actions. So think of perhaps acting out some scenes or taking turns reading aloud to help engage your teenage son. Vary the activities and challenges and you should find him becoming more interested.

2. Make it relatable.

Stories that are about adolescence are going to have more of a profound impact. After all, you child is at that coming-of-age time too. Plot lines that focus on sense of identity, preparing for adulthood, and the expression of the emotions that tend to go along with this. Choosing stories with male protagonists will also make the books your son reads much more relatable than a story about an old woman.

3. Choose technology

We’ve had such great advances in technology since we were kids. Employ these advantages to your benefit. Your son likely plays computer games of some sort. You can use the devices he’s playing on to interest him in reading. Try letting him pick some eBooks that interest him or find some fun grammar games. Additionally, you can use videos and other interactive materials to discuss the books he’s read.

4. Choose boy topics.
Schools will always make students read classic literature, however you can help your son by encouraging him to choose books that interest him. Take him to the library and ask the librarian for a list of books for adolescent boys. Then let him choose the books that interest him most. Discuss them with him and offer some kind of incentive for his reading of the books he chooses. You can also work with your son’s teacher to see if he can earn extra credit for books he reads that aren’t on the mandatory reading list for his grade. 

Try these tips to encourage your son to read more today!


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