Finally, an emoji keyboard where Moms can keep it REAL


I came across a new emoji keyboard for new and expecting moms and I must say it is pretty darn accurate. Ever have those parenting moments when life feels impossible and there are just NO words?  Yes, those moments!

Introducting EmojiMom, a 250+ parenting-themed emoji’s keyboard that lets you hilariously share the honest realities of pregnancy, labor and life with babies. The three founders of Emojimom, Hannah Hudson, Natalie Ralston and Sarah Robinson, came up with the idea nearly a year ago during some of those less than magical parenting moments.


Let’s be real, parenting is an amazingly beautiful experience with a bipolar type feel, if ya know what I mean. That is why I love the EmojiMom keyboard for playfully poking at the highs and lows of motherhood. There are a few emojis which may strike a chord with some, like the mother drinking a glass of wine while pumping milk or the anti-depression pills, but that is someone’s reality. So moms have some fun and embrace it, all of it! The joys and excitement mixed with frustration and anxiety because we’ve all been there!

Scroll to see some typical mommy moments that only an emoji could describe!


































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