5 Foods To Fight Stress


I have a confession: I’m a stress eater. But I wasn’t always this way. It all started when (life story begins here) I decided to run a business all while completing my college education, working full-time, raising two kids and trying to be a kickass wife. I never slept and it seems like I munched on a snack with every keystroke – it’s how I cope.
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April is Stress Awareness Month!



Stress is the price we pay for living in a complex society. Our bodies are always on high alert – We rush the kids to school. Get frustrated in traffic. Our work overwhelms us. We miss the kids games/recitals. We are so tired we fall asleep during romantic nights (yes, I do) One stressor after the other, the adrenaline and cortisol never decrease. But here’s the thing… Not all stress is bad!

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